Dog Boarding

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Luxurious Boarding

While we always want to travel with our canine companions, Canine Fitness and Fun Center knows that it isn't always possible. With our boarding service, your dog can sleep in the lap of luxury overnight and play the day away in our indoor play, outdoor play, or aquatic play areas.

In our beautiful, recently-renovated boarding room, your dog will stay overnight in a luxurious, spacious kennel, complete with privacy panels and special bedding. Our overnight room has its own outside space for private outdoor time for those boarders that do not participate in daycare, or for ease of potty time for night owls and early risers.

The overnight room is sanitized with our custom-installed central shop vacuum disinfecting system for the cleanest and safest stay possible.

All dogs participating in boarding are required to have paperwork on file, including a boarding agreement and vaccination documentation.

We provide webcam access to all of our clients so that they can check in on their happy pets. View Webcams

Boarding Packages

Book Your Pet’s Stay

Boarding Kennels

Add-ons +

  • Treats

  • Puppy postcard

  • Individual playtime

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Walks

  • Birthday/Gotcha Day Party

  • Private Swim

  • Group Swim

  • Brain Games

  • Spa Services

Additional Fees May Apply

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Medication & Food Policies

We are happy to administer oral or topical medications or supplements to your pets! Medication must be in the original prescribed container with the prescription label adhered.

Please bring enough food for the duration of your pet's boarding stay. You must provide individual prepackaged containers or Ziplock bags with your pet’s name and food measured by meal, or a meal packaging fee of $3 per day (max of $15 per boarding stay) will be applied to your pet’s invoice. Canned food and meal toppers are accepted in their original container, but must be labeled with your pet's name.

Daily Schedule

● 6am-7am: All dogs woken up and given their first potty break

● 7am: Breakfast is served

● 9am: Daycare opens for all social boarding dogs

● 10am-12pm: Pool is open for group swims (Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays only)

● 11am: Lunch and/or naptime for all boarding dogs

● 1pm: Daycare re-opens for all social boarding dogs

● 1pm-3pm: Pool is open for scheduled private swim appointments (Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays only)

● 3pm: Dinner is served

● 5pm-6:30pm: Daycare re-opens for final playtime and potty break

● 6:30pm-7pm: Tucked in for a good night’s sleep

Please Note The Following:

We recommend our boarders be dropped off in the morning, so they can participate in a full day of dog daycare. This tuckers them out for bedtime and makes their adjustment to their new environment easier. We do require that all boarders be dropped off by 4:00pm.


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Dog Boarding Faqs

Vaccination Policy

Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations must be up to date prior to attending boarding. All dogs must pass a Meet & Greet day. Dogs whose vaccinations are not up to date will not be allowed to attend CFFC.

Spay / Neuter Policy

All dogs 7 months and older must be spayed or neutered.

Breed Policy

CFFC follows all City of Denver breed restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

There is no deposit required for boarding as of right now

Dropoff And Pick Up Times

Dogs may be picked up at any point from 7am-7pm. Dogs may be dropped off at any point from 7am-4pm.

What To Bring

Don’t bring personal beds, we provide bedding.

This section is also contradicts itself wording wise.

Food must be individually packaged per meal or owners will be charged a meal packaging fee up to $15 for the total extent of their pup’s stay.

Is The Facility Monitored Overnight?

I’d mention that it’s ensured that all dogs are provided with overnight access to water and are safely locked in their suites overnight.

Do You Offer Medical Boarding?

Unfortunately, we do not offer overnight care for dogs with severe medical issues. If your dog needs to be supervised overnight or needs injectable medication, we recommend boarding at a veterinary hospital.

When And Where Do The Dogs Eat?

Per your instructions, we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can provide your dog's food for the duration of your its stay, or for a charge of $3 per feeding we will feed high-quality NutriSource Food.

Please pack meal-sized portions including treats in a resealable plastic container or bag marked with the dog’s name.

During mealtime, every dog has his or her very own private dining space, so special diets and medications are never a problem.